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Hotel Channel Manager Software System

A Single Platform to manage many OTAs, GDS, Restaurants, B&Bs & all other online channels from a single screen. A hotel distribution channel manager you can rely on.

Hotelline Channel Management Software System – Real Time & User Friendly

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Innovation is the key to our products. The idea behind every software creation and development of ours is to give you ‘THE BEST’ that makes your business operations easy and friendly. 

Hotelline Channel Manager Software System is an exceptional and exclusive addition to our growing potrtfolio of hospitality technology products. It is simply designed to perfection that lets you manage multiple online channels and amplify your revenue.

The interface is made too easy for you to move around and use the different features with great ease.

Our channel manager software system comes with some very good features.

Upgrade Your Hotel’s Distribution Strategy with Our Channel Manager

Our Channel Manager Software System is fully integrated and automated for a seamless experience and end-to-end online distribution. This will allow hotel managers to undertake different processes from a single point which includes maintenance, rate parity, and inventory/rate update across different distribution channels while maintaining the promotions and other processes.

It is easy and requires no great deal of effort and time from the managers. Hotelline Channel Manager connects with worldwide OTAs (Online Travel Agents) which benefits the business and increases profitability from the business. 

Hotelline hotel and restaurant management system is a single solution for your entire hospitality needs, offering an economical and secure system for the growth of your business.

  • Real time updates of inventory
  • No separate checking of every booking channel
  • No Extra Charge

hotel distribition channel manager software system
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Our Channel Management Software System – Intutive Dashboards

With a single point dashboard, we ensure a better and an efficient handling of different booking channels. Our centralized solution is effective in terms of increasing your reputation among your guests and customers.

Hotelline Channel Manager not only manages different channels of online booking from a single point dashboard, but also gives you the power and control to change inventories, discounts and offers, when you think you should. Our Channel Manager makes sure that you do not make errors in entry, helps you avoid rate disparity and lets you maintain a good relationship with your all OTAs and different travel websites.

  • Channel Partner Statistics
  • Revenue Generation
  • Number of Rooms at Night
  • xpectations and Forecasting

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Instant Auto Update across All Distribution Channels

The real time update is an effective way to provide your guests a clear view of availability. Moreover, it also saves you from double-bookings. Hotelline’s Channel Manager automatically updates every booking instantly across all distribution channels, thus increasing your brand value among your consumers. 

It comes with an in-built automatic OTA synchronizer that helps to distribute entire inventory and rates across all channels instantly. Not just OTAs but it also updates inventories and rates across other meta online search engines including Global Distribution System (GDS), Google Hotel Finder, Trip Advisor, and Facebook page of the hotels.

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Be Competitive with Rate Spider

With the rate spider, you get all the information about inventories and rates of your competitors. This allows you to adjust rates to beat the competition and attract customers for a competitive rate. More guests at your property ensure better profits.

single point channel management system

Rate Parity Management

Hotelline Channel Manager Software brings you many advantages which help you in dealing with entire distribution channels from a single point.

The automated system updates any kind of change in inventory/rates across all channels instantly, providing your customers with similar rates on booking from any channel. This builds hotel reputation as transparent in rates.

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Zero Overbooking

With Hotelline Channel Manager Software, bookings can be controlled. Since every booking is updated instantly and in real time, there is no chance of double bookings which means overbooking is either minimal or totally out of the scene. 

Channel Manager Software uses the latest 2 ways XML technology for connectivity which ensures instant update, revising availability in real time across all distribution channels, website and PMS.

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Auto Rate Change

Rate change in pricing condition and market position enables you to generate maximum revenue from the sales of your room. Precisely, when you offer the best price to your guests, they will automatically get attracted to your property. 

Our Channel Manager Software gives you this power to provide the best available retail rate (BAR) to your guests after evaluating the market situation and strategies accordingly for larger benefits.

Get Our Channel Manager and Expand Your Hotel’s Reach

With Us, Hotelline, we ensure your business expansion. We understand and value your hotel’s image. Our Channel Manager Software provides you the platform to reach out to the world with minimal effort. 

The use of our software connects you with national and international hotel channel partners and OTAs through GDS including, World Span, Abre, Amadeus, Pegasus and Galileo to name a few. We ensure that you don’t miss on any hotel platforms. 

We connect you with multiple vacation rental lodging websites including HOLIDAY LETTING, AIRBNB and more.