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Guest House Management Point Of Sale (POS) Software

An Innovative and user friendly Guest house POS system helps you to track real time guest status for hotels, restaurant, motels, beds and breakfast (B&B), guest house and other smaller properties

Hotelline Guest House Property Management System (PMS)

Hotelline’s signature Hotel and Guest House Management Software features the best of the business functioanlities and features. It has everything that can effectively and efficiently manage hotel and guest houses. It allows you to access data and information quickly to make a bright decision for the business. 

Our solution focuses on making you profitable by increasing your revenue through online reservation and booking along with equipping you with an effective tool to better your housekeeping and other services. The software helps you to integrate your website with the system so that the real time status is available to your guests online.

Guest House Management Key Features

guest house management software features

Our cloud based Hotel and Guest House Management Software is innovative and user friendly and it features various tools and applications which will help you to grow your business:

  • Modular built-up facility for effective services
  • Excellent catering features for better guest services
  • Management of performance and activities from Single to an entire chain of guest houses at different locations.
  • Easy and fast implementation of decisions
  • Touch screen support for restaurants and other services.
  • Friendly interface and easy integration with others.
  • 24x7 technical support to minimize downtime.
  • Technical support is available via phone/online (remote access)/ e mails and data transfer through internet/ on-site visits.
  • Easy transaction and payment gateway for the ease of customers, focusing different modes of payments.
  • Offers Display Reports: Guest House POS System is enriched with valued functions like – Occupancy Display, Vacancy Display, Check-Out Display, Day Open Report, Day End Report, Room wise report, Daily Collection Report, VAT Report, Sales Report (Room wise, Customer wise and Food wise), Sales Tax Register, Purchase Tax Register, Physical Stock Report, Stock Discrepancy Report and Purchase VAT Summary.
  • Print Report: The reports related to activities taking place within the jurisdiction of your property/business. It also generates special reports for security purposes with details of the guests which is also known as police report.

In Real World Situation

Guest House and Hotel Management Software is made to make your life easy to deal with real world situations. It controls every aspect of your business and makes it grow relatively faster.

  • It makes you a round the clock process. For this, you do not need hiring/engaging any kind of staff. The software does all.
  • Billing is made easy with the Hotel and Guest House software. The automated system posts bills in guest’s account under ‘Settle in Room’ feature.
  • Nominal accounts report of sundry creditors and debtors, etc.
  • A separate housekeeping management system can be integrated.
  • Separate Laundry Management system can be placed.
real time guest house management system

General Features of the Software

generic features of guest house management system

The Hotel and Guest House Management software is made to deal with every aspect of hotel business with an ease without putting extra monetary baggage on the process. The cloud based system is secure and safe to store data and information.

  • Minimizes Human efforts.
  • Increases Employees efficiency.
  • Offers data security and reduction of theft with many layers of password, security check and auditing.
  • Stores every minute detail and information for reports which can be generated with a click of the mouse.
  • Exports report to spreadsheet (excel) for analysis and presentation for informed decision making.

Salient Features of the Software

These are some unique features the management software has to offer to the users:

  • Seamless integration with the entire hotel management process – Front Desk, Back Office and Finance and Accounts Department.
  • Multiple Mode of payment – Credit/Debit card, cash, Cheque and other modes, convenient to guests.
  • Occupancy/Arrival/Departure Reports
  • Day End Report – It furnishes the total cash received in a report.
  • KOT/BOT Analysis – KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) / BOT (Bar Order Ticket) wise report.
  • Audit Trail facility for Guest House and hotel management.
sailent features of guest house management system