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Hotelline (Point of Sale) POS Software - Best Restaurant Billing System

A Complete and highly Integrated POS solution with multiple mode of payments and Real time Alerts system

Hotelline POS System Software - Best POS (Point of Sale) Restaurant Billing Software

No Training Needed, Just Regular Internet Skills !!

hotelline point of sale pos software

Our POS is so intuitive that users need virtually no training. Its colour-coded items and menu groups, icons and pictures, large buttons and readable labels make it easy for anybody with basic computer skills to navigate and perform the operations that their position requires.

We are here to make your business process easy and convenient. Our PMS, Channel Manager, Booking and Reservation Software offers you a futuristic, efficient and modern software for your restaurant process. It is economical, friendly and effective in every way, reducing human resource, brings down cost on the process and helps in day-to-day activities seamlessly.

Hotelline POS (Point of Sale) software for restaurant, bars and hotels improves efficiency and effectively manages a multitude of services like food/beverage/billing/customer interactions effortlessly. It offers you a great deal in forecasting the business with its automated intelligent reports, giving you insight into the performance of your business. It can manage multiple operations, including Billing, Room services and Banquets without any inconvenience.

What Hotelline POS Software System does

It does a multitude of activities and perform nearly everything --- a restaurant, a bar or a hotel.

Hotelline Dining

Modify and Customize Dinning in Real Time

Seeing is Believing. Hotelline POS software gives you a live viewing of everything happening around you, at your property, from seating arrangement status to occupancy details, cleaning condition to unsettled bills and many more intricate details about the performance of your business processes. It is the most comprehensive software available with an innovative design and a friendly interface.

Hotelline Ease Your Deliveries

Ease Your Deliveries

The most prominent feature that will take your heart away is the built-in map, generated as per the customers' address with route for the delivery person. It maintains and updates guest database and provides detailed information for regular delivery orders with inbuilt features in Hotelline’s POS software for restaurant and hotels.

Hotelline Kitchen Display System

Modern and Versatile Kitchen Display System

We always think innovation and results are here to see with our KDS feature which provides you with a display system that registers and shows all the information necessary for the business to run smoothly; from pending, current and served orders to communication with the kitchen instantly. Our system reduces errors and smoothens the operation with staff receiving updates regularly.

Kiosks for Guests

Kiosk Guest

Our innovative Kiosk Guest provides the freedom to your guests/consumers when they are placing orders through the Kiosk. It makes it easy and friendly for your customers to select items easily using Kiosk. They can modify their orders and confirm them remotely as well.

Hotelline Billing Operations

Billing Operation

We have made billing easier with innovative additions. With the Void option, your customers can cancel orders which they do not require. It is an effortless system with order modifications as per customer choices. The void items are kept for the reports for viewing and you can easily notice and understand the reasons to make it better. It features SMS alerts on your mobile device to notify you of the changes in orders.

Hotelline Split Bill

Split Bills

In any restaurant, your customers can come in groups. They can later ask for splitting of bills which is inconvenient manually. However, to make your relationship with customers friendly and convenient, our Split Bill feature adjusts and splits the amount of items according to your customers' choice and allocates item and price specifically to different bill.

Hotelline Multiple Payment Mode

Multiple Payment Mode

Hotelline understands that different customers come with different payment options like credit card, debit card, cash, cheque and often with loyalty and reward points. We have integrated a number of payment gateways of the third party loyalty system to develop a more convenient and smooth payment system.

Hotelline Taxes

Precise Menu in terms of Taxes and Rates

With the help of Hotelline POS, you can set multiple rates for a single item on the menu (according to location) and maintain the inventory and stock more efficiently. You can easily set different rates for items according to service – room service, dine-in, delivery and takeaways.