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Integrated Hotel Reservation Software to Convert more Visitors to Guests.

Streamline your everyday operations with our cloud-based Bed & Breakfast (B&B) Software – from bookings, check-ins, check-outs, payment processing to guest management and reporting – everything at one place.

Central Reservation System

Bid goodbye to reservation management woes, in case you are an enterprise hotel with multiple chains. Access inventory, booking details sorted by date for all of your properties via a single panel. In addition, a simple toggle lets you switch between properties and let you manage bookings as never before.

Analytics and Reports

Get statistical data presented in neat and easy to understand graphs on the dashboard, for you to keep a watch on your hotel’s ongoing activities. With a few clicks, you can export multiple comprehensive reports to understand the sale and profits. Additionally, our hotel reservation software records each transaction along with the user details.



Robust API Integration

Our reservation software is highly scalable and can be customized for your website. We offer different APIs to help you manage your property as per your business needs and access and manage data as and whenever you like. These APIs lets you to input availability of rooms, rates, reservations and promotion widgets.



Effective Price Strategy

Now, you can further create a seamless and highly efficient pricing strategy via an exclusive revenue management tool that comes integrated with our reservation software. Revise or optimize rates according to the competition or price fluctuations and the market conditions.

Highly User Friendly

Our cloud-based hotel reservation system eliminates a need for any additional hardware or software. It easily integrates into your systems.

Hotel Software FAQ's

What is the Hotel Software?

Hotel Software is a computer-based application that offers management of the whole establishment, automates their daily operations, and manage each department based on their needs. Showing real-time room occupancy and taking reservations from multiple resources are part of this software only.

What are the benefits of Hotel Management Software?

Hotel Management Software is an automated application used in Hotels with multiple benefits of inter-connecting multiple departments, tracking sales and purchase, inventory management and keeping daily operational activities check to run the organization smoothly.
There are many benefits of Hotel Management Software
•Real-time Business Information Control
• Centralized Room Rate management with control of discounts, offers and more
• Minimizing the risk of Overbooking
•Room Reservations
• Proficiency in Inventory Management
• Ease of Vendor management
• Transparency
• Financial Management
• Reports Generations
• Complete Guest Management

What is a Hotel Management System?

Hotel Management System or PMS are automated software that is used to run all department of Hotels aiding their regular management, accounting, sales, and history too. Multiple departments are connected with cloud-based PMS offering uniform accessibility for employees in the whole organization.

Is hotel management software free?

Most of the Hotel Software Company offers a free trial for understanding the whole management software. They can choose to buy the software based on their business needs and get complete assistance thereafter Hotel management Software charge you based on their use, reservation and performance. MyHotelLine offers one comprehensive software package consisting of PMS, POS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine and accessible over multiple platforms, at the very lowest price for better user experience.

Which is the best Hotel Management Software?

MyHotelLine serves as one of the best Hotel Management Software that has all the in-built features to run a large organization effectively. It has PMS to manage departmental activities, channel manager to take reservations from multiple resources, Booking engine to have uniform information and mobility access to keep you informed where ever you go.

Why is Hotel Management Software important?

Hotels are often large establishment with multiple departments running in the background to keep it running daily. Hotel Software's or Hotel PMS are computerised software's that are used to manage their daily operations like room reservations, inventories, staff scheduling, finances and more.

What is the purpose of Hotel Reservation System?

Hotels make their business by selling rooms and these Reservation systems allow guests to book their room allocation for their preferable choices from around the world. All the room amenities, room types, length of the stay and payment is also processed at the time of reservation keeping the Hotel business profitable in every aspect.

What are the types of PMS that are being used in the Hotel Operation?

There are many types of PMS being used in Hotel Operations.
•Hotel PMS
•Restaurant POS (Point of Sale)
•Booking Engine
•Channel Manager
•Mobility (Multiplatform Accessible)
MyHotelLine is one of the complete software's pack solutions for solving all your needs for a large organization. It has all built-in features to manage workload from multiple departments, a channel manager to make your property part of Global Distribution System, Booking Engine for real-time reservation information, effective POS system to connect multiple POS within an organization and available across multiple platforms effectively.

What is Hospitality Management System

Hospitality Management System is PMS only that are used to automate daily operations of numerous businesses covering Hotels, Hospitals, restaurant, parks, Cruise ships, Club POS, Hostel, Motels, Resorts and all other types of accommodations.

What is the Online Hotel Management System?

An online Hotel Management system is an automated computerized system that allows Hotel Owners or management to manage their day-to-day operations. Hotels consist of multiple departments working effectively daily, communicating and sharing information transparently. Hotel Management system acts as a liaison between them to keep the business running at their optimum pace.