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Cloud-based Hotel & Restaurant Mobility Solutions

Integrate, Optimize, and Streamline your entire Hotel & Restaurant Process. Right from Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT), Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), and Digital Table Menu to Mobile Point of Sale and more to let you wow your Guests.

Hospitality Mobile Apps Solutions for You

Digital Table Menu

Deliver a WOW experience to your guests right at their tables and let you save loads of money on printing. Our digital table menu lets you introduce your guests to food as never before. List each item using such vibrant and attractive images, that no guest can overlook them. Increase your average ticket size by an impressive 10% – 20%. Customize the menu according to the look and feel you want and revise the rates whenever required. Thinking what else!
Enable your guests to:

  • Place orders quickly on tab, ipad, or any other mobile device
  • Request a server’s attention
  • Send special instructions to the kitchen
  • Pay electronically
  • Provide instant feedback
  • Avail discounts and promotions

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Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Software

Bring your property’s operation and cash management to handy and smart mobile devices via our secure cloud based mPOS software. Now, don’t just manage your Front Desk but Restaurants, SPA, Laundry, Mini Bar and Kiosk too. Simply install the software on your device and start get selling. You don’t have to be present all the time to edit menu or check staff’s operations or keep an eye on food supplies. With our well integrated and easy to use mobile POS, access real time data from anywhere, anytime and not miss a thing about your revenue. Mobile Point of Sale (POS) Software Bring

  • Manage multiple pricing levels, promotional pricing and discounts
  • Set up integrated payments and produce receipts
  • Get and track status of sales, inventory and guests
  • Handle fractional quantities and mixed units for purchase, sales and stocks
  • Manage your staff remotely
  • Customize the POS as and when you need

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Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT)

No more food order management hassles for your Kitchen department now. Also impress your restaurant guests with your timely food delivery and responsiveness. Get our mobile based KOT which serves as a smart waiter for your customers. With it, your guests can directly place the orders to the kitchen instantly. The orders are not just forwarded to the Kitchen but billing division too. Additionally, a copy of the bill is saved for your future references as well. Our KOT is designed to run on all the mobile devices as well as tablets, letting you:

  • Show foods with eye catching images
  • Add food description making it look more appealing   
  • Manage orders during peak hours
  • Enhance guest experience
  • Manage food menu digitally

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Hotel and Restaurant Kiosk Solutions

Improve your customer service and operating efficiencies with mobile Kiosk solutions. Offer a digital menu for your bars and restaurants and add to the convenience of your guests in just no time. Our kiosk solutions automate your food and beverages orders automatically and send to the concerned recipients at a click. Your tasks are completed efficiently with no manual errors. They help you to:

  • Offer digital experience for in-house services
  • Create promotions and digital loyalty programs quickly
  • Improve time management and data security
  • Leverage mobile apps for payments at POS Kiosks
  • Enable guests to check-in and check-out with ease
  • Let guests pay outstanding bills easily

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Guest Service Management App

Embrace the latest digital technology and create a better customer experience and satisfaction. Cater to them according to their preferences with our exclusive guest self-service app, exclusively designed for hotels and restaurants like yours. It also The app serves as a medium of communication between you and your guests, right from the moment they check in to check out. Be it concierge requests, bookings, or any other requirement, your guests feel empowered all the time. Further, avoid irregularities and reduce confusions and help you to:

  • Entertain bookings or upgrade reservations on mobile devices
  • Automate and disseminate information effectively among agents
  • Integrate multi-channels
  • Deliver welcome messages, promotions, and payment information
  • Share real-time updates with guests about their flight status, delays and cancellations
  • Engage guests on handy services like their mobile devices
  • Pave way for better communication strategies your customers

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Staff Management App

Increase productivity of your hotel staff with a few clicks. Whether you own a hotel, run a restaurant, or a delivery service, you can now manage your staff as never before and help your business run smoother more smoothly with our staff management app. It not just adds convenience but also goes beyond just monitoring to becoming a robust management tool for you. Our app is designed to run on multiple apps and It lets you:

  • Communicate with staff that are off shift in real time
  • Schedule housekeeping tasks,; room cleaning, room servicing, etc.
  • Send quick notifications
  • Manage ever-changing seasonal staff
  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Improve communication flow between front office and housekeeping team
  • Manage multiple locations within the hotel
  • Ensure shift coverage

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Deploy the cutting-edge hospitality mobility solutions and enhance the productivity of your staff as never before.