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Motel Operations Management Software Solutions

A Motel operations management system that designed for Moteliers / Motel Owners requirements to manage their properties such as Night auditing, shift reporting and transaction reports, Protected passwords and day wise data blocking, Guest History, Complete configuration as per property, Automatic and Manual Data backup etc. We offer Property Management System (PMS), CRS, Channel Manager, Point of Sale and Booking Engine specifically designed for motels.

MyHotelLine Small Hotel & Motel Software – Boost Your Motel Management System

Innovative, Advanced and affordable, MyHotelLine Motel Management Software is designed to take your business to new heights. With incredible and numerous features, our software makes it easy for you to operate your business seamlessly without any interruption. It offers you online booking and reservation features, along with assistance in organizing your housekeeping department for better services to your guests. This is one of the most robust solutions with the front desk and easy reporting facilities.

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Key Features of Motel Software

The software comes with some key features to boost your motel facility. It is an excellent system to organise each and every part of Motel system. The automation helps in easing day-to-day activities.

  • Easy Check-in and Check-out system
  • Online Booking and Reservation Facility
  • Seamless Integration with Website
  • Data storage and Reports
  • Keeps Guest information
  • Manages Book of Contact

Affordable and Economical

Our cloud-based Motel management software is designed and developed to offer value for money. With our subscription facility, you are free to use our software within your budget. Moreover, our custom services give you more freedom of choice in selecting the features which you feel suitable to your business process.

  • Simplifies Motel Management
  • Manages and organizes every activity
  • Keeps a record of employee performance
  • Customizable to suit your need
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Is motel management software free with PMS?

MyHotelLine is a complete package that can act as motel management software for maintaining and tracking all activities within an establishment. You can take a free trial to see the core features of this software and get connected with our customer care experts for better user experience.