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Coffee Shop POS Software

Intelligent, Innovative and Affordable MyHotelLine Coffee POS Software Uniquely Designed to Ensure Uninterrupted services at your Coffee Shop.

Point-Of-Sale (POS) Software for Coffee Shops

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With an intelligently designed interface, various friendly features suitable for Coffee Shops, our POS for Coffee Shops is designed after considering every minute requirement related to the coffee shop business process. 

We understand the rush in the morning. We know there are various flavors of coffee and complicated orders from customers. You need an intelligent and efficient system to handle all this. With MyHotelLine Coffee Shop POS, you can manage everything seamlessly, quickly and error free.

  • Improves Order Accuracy
  • Manages Inventory
  • Loyalty Program
  • Manages in-house Resources
  • Simplifies Overall Process

Makes the Most of Your Menu for Guests

Our Coffee Shop POS software helps you in sorting out menu, categorized in terms of demand and popularity. The Coffee Shop POS system features help you in sorting out the items on performance so that you can afford discounts, modify a recipe to attract your customers.

The MyHotelLine Coffee Shop POS analyses and generates reports to give you a detailed insight into the performance of your café items. Our system helps you in:

  • Categorizing your Menu
  • Modifying in Recipe
  • Managing discounts and offers
  • Generating Performance Report
  • Itemizing Details
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Print KOT & Bills

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With a one-click billing system, our Coffee Shop POS is an excellent software to fulfill the needs of Coffee shops, management of their day-to-day different activities. 

Using our Coffee Shop POS, you can access your business process using a mobile device, tablet or Laptop, from anywhere and anytime. Its Kitchen Display shows every order prepared and pending. It eases the printing of KOTs with a copy and generates report anytime.

  • Time Saving
  • Efficiency Booster
  • Effective Management
  • Accessible & Affordable
  • No Risk of Missing Orders

Makes Payment Easy for You and Customers

Coffee Shop POS is designed intelligently and consists of each and every feature that can help you to grow your business with ease. It offers you various payment gateways for the comfort of your customers who transact differently; Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cheque and other different payment options like online wallets and Internet banking.

  • Boosts Sales
  • Reduces Crowd on Counter
  • Integrates with your Bank
  • Lessens Cash transactions
  • Increases Reputation for Services
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