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Fine Dining Restaurant POS Software

Customized fine dine restaurant POS system covers features like online table reservation, split bills, table transfer services, real time status of availability, online order and delivery etc. See the software for yourself.

MyHotelLine Fine Dining Restaurant POS Software

The best part of our Fine Dine Restaurant Software is that it gives you multiple features which are capable of lifting your business and improve your services without much effort.

Online Table Reservation

online table reservation - Myhotelline

It is the time you must redefine the old system of first come, first serve basis. Give your customers an online reservation option with a freedom to choose their table and time as per their convenience.

MyHotelLine’s Fine Dine Restaurant Software is conceived after much research about what consumers want and look for and owners. It features the valued requirements of modern times. Fine Dine Restaurant POS offers flexibility for guests to book their table of choice and timings. Since today’s customers like to reserve tables from mobile devices, our Fine Dine POS seamlessly integrates with mobile interface to display eye catching visuals and details.

  • Freedom of Choice
  • Comfortable Timing
  • Real Time Status of Availability
  • Online Order and Delivery
  • Convenient Payment Options
  • Flexibility and Scalability to Suit Your Needs

Split Bills

Since restaurant serves groups of people, friends and family, the customers may ask to divide the bill specifically as per the consumption of food items by individuals in the group. Manually, it is a tedious task. However, you do not have to worry!

Our Fine Dine Restaurant Software is designed to meet such needs of the owners. Split Bill feature keeps records for tracking and analysis of the business process. This will add up to your reputation for providing convenient options for your guests at your restaurant.

  • Saves Time
  • Boosts Efficiency
  • Effortless procedure
  • Saves Data and Information
  • Offers Transparency in Splitting
split bill - Myhotelline

Table Transfer Service

table transfer - Myhotelline

The most important thing for a restaurant to win the heart of their customers is to provide the best service and allow them to be comfortable. For the convenience of guests, it often occurs that they ask to change their reserved table with another. It is difficult when you already have reservations. However, with restaurant software, you can check the time of arrival of other guests and as per convenience, the customer can change the table. It will simply win you loyalty and goodwill of your customers.

  • Easy shifting and Modification
  • Easy to see Records of Reservation
  • Convenient Table Reservation
  • Online Booking anytime and from anywhere