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Ice Cream POS Software – Manage Multiple Ice Cream Parlors

MyHotelLine Ice Cream POS Management Software

Here is the software that can manage flavors, quantity and rate of every ice cream scoop seamlessly and record every item without error. Ice Cream management software is the most apt automated system for Ice Cream parlors with incredible features and awesome result.

production management - Myhotelline

Production Management

MyHotelLine’s Ice Cream Management Software is designed with finesse, keeping every detail in mind with a friendly interface to move through different features. The Ice Cream POS software can manage multiple outlets from a centralized position and can fix issues related to ice cream parlor seamlessly. It can be integrated with your bank to allow you direct transaction to your account.

For better planning and future management of ice cream parlor business, Ice cream POS software offers you an error free data of customers, sales, discounts and menu to analyze your business growth. As every transaction is recorded and every sale is saved into POS system, it saves you from any theft.

  • Handles Multiple Outlets
  • Offers Centralization
  • Allows Flexibility and Accessibility
  • Manages Inventory & Easy Billing Feature
  • Tracks through Void Report
  • Generates error Free Report

Faster KOT into Kitchen

When delays occur due to paper jam and other kitchen issues your guests feel uncomfortable about services of your Ice Cream Parlor. It kills the reputation. To make your process smooth and Kitchen work seamless Ice Cream Management software will help you in increasing your growth as well as your reputation among your customers.

Our Kitchen display features pop up instantly in front of kitchen staff which means they do not need any kind of print and waste time.

  • Seamless Kitchen Orders
  • Instant information
  • Better Communication
  • Reduces Wastage
  • Efficient
kot in kitchen - Myhotelline
speedup line - Myhotelline

Control Wastage and Increases Sales

Since inventories are always based far from kitchen, tracking and controlling wastage and theft in between warehouse and Ice Cream outlet is a tough task. However, MyHotelLine Ice Cream POS is designed with perfection addressing smallest issues with its central kitchen management system.

The cloud based Ice Cream POS software is easily manageable and effectively accessible by the management. It is secure and safe, only authorized person can check the records and data of the ice cream parlor, which makes it safest way to grow your business.

  • Controls wastage and Theft
  • Manages Kitchen Perfectly
  • Recipe Management
  • Automated Control of Ingredients
  • Efficient and Effective
  • Inventory management