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Night Clubs, Pubs & Bars POS Software

Offers an easy integration with your business processes to manage your billing process, order processing, real time services, recipe management, stock properties, store management, etc.

MyHotelLine Night Clubs, Pubs & Bars Management POS Software Solution

MyHotelLine introduces you to most innovative software in its series of hospitality software solutions. Night club, Pub & Bar POS software is uniquely designed with an innovative interface for easier and faster response.

Order at Nightclub Pub & Bar

MyHotelLine’s Nightclub Pub & Bar POS system highlights the need of ease in business process in today’s competitive hospitality industry. The automation of Nightclubs, Pubs & Bars processes through software brings efficiency all around – Service and Customer satisfaction. With the order tracking feature, it makes recording of orders error free. Quicker and faster settlement of bills and convenient payment option develop a better relationship between you and your customers.

  • Faster Billing Process
  • Convenient Order processing
  • Real Time Services
  • Competent to every aspect of Pub & Bar

night club pos - myhotelline

happy hour - Myhotelline

Happy Hour Scheduling

The Pub & Bar Software is uniquely designed to fit into the schemes of Bars and caters to all their needs and convenience. Happy Hour Scheduling is tricky and it requires a thorough consideration of lot of things – time, space and occasion which could be tedious. However, our Nightclub, Pub & Bar software records and stores every detail and scheduling becomes a child’s play. It promises to give you more than you expect.

  • Increases Footfall
  • Generates Report
  • Schedules Multiple Happy Hours
  • Offers Compatibility with Different Time Zones
  • Integrates with Your Business process easily

Strong Stock Management

Enrich your Nightclub, Pub & Bar with MyHotelLine POS and enjoy excellent features to manage your business process amicably. Stock management is the key to the business and you must be aware of the actual stock all the time to not to return your customers.

Our Stock management feature updates and notifies you with every incoming and outgoing piece of stock through SMS, e-mails and pop ups. It ensures that your business never runs out of stock and keeps your reputation and revenue high.

  • Recipe Management
  • Stock Properties
  • Stock Return
  • Stock Report
  • Stock Transfer
  • Store management
stock management - Myhotelline