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Quick Service (QSR) Point Of Sale (POS) Software

Increase your profits with MyHotelLine Quick Service POS System for Restaurant, Pizza Shop, Fast Food, etc.

MyHotelLine Quick Service POS Management System – Get Accurate Information

It is important for a business process to have an uninterrupted flow of information regarding stocks, customers, sales, competitors and market to forecast revenue and future business. MyhotelLine’s Quick Service POS Management Software offers you everything which will make your business grow.

SMS Integration

The objective of SMS alerts is to inform quickly, faster and make the information flow seamlessly from business to customer to develop better relationships. 

The SMS integration tool of our Quick Service POS software helps you to send bills, order updates and other information to your customers really quickly. Processing and delivery updates give your customers the information about their orders. It also helps you in managing loyalty programs and updates about discounts and offers.

  • Quick Information
  • Real Time Feedback
  • Transparency
  • Faster Update & Billing

sms integration - Myhotelline

Cloud Telephony

Our cloud based POS offers an exciting and innovative way to connect with your customers for orders and delivery. With its missed call support, you can always get back to your customers. Cloud Telephony ensures a real time connection with your customers to win their loyalty to your services and products.

  • Reduces Misplacements of Orders
  • Offers Callback Facility
  • Stores Call data
  • Connects You With Customers in Real Time
cloud telephony - Myhotelline

Advance Delivery Module

Myhotelline delivery module

You can trace and track deliveries. You can easily analyze the delivery history to know the progress of your business. Does it sound effective? MyHotelLine’s Quick Service POS is specially designed to meet the requirement of today’s hospitality business and we care to offer you the best of it. The ‘Delivery Module’ monitors everything for efficient and timely delivery, from tracking, dispatching, to the time taken to deliver. This ensures better performance of your staff.

  • Tracks and Trace Orders
  • Records Delivery History
  • Provides Data of Time Taken on Delivery
  • Analyzes Performance of Staff
  • Optimizes Customer Data

Online Order Integration

Online ordering facility at your business process is the name of the game where if you excel, you win customers. Since most of the customers like to order online using mobile devices/Laptop/Tablets, it is important for you to have Online Order Integration.

Our Cloud Based Quick Service POS software allows you to have Online Order Integration seamlessly for better services for your customers.

  • Compatible to Mobile Interface
  • Easily Accessible
  • Seamlessly Integrates With Your System
  • Central Ordering Mechanism
online integration - Myhotelline