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Use of technology in management has revolutionized businesses around the world. Property or Hotel Management Systems is now the heart of each business for their numerous advantages.

Booking Engine Software.

Bookings and Reservation Management with a Robust Hotel Booking Engine Software.


Get updated News, Trends, and Information on the Hotel & Restaurant Technology. its Proficient use for every Hospitality Business needs.

Hotel Software.

Read the latest updated on Hotel Software, guest management, online distribution, Hostel, Resorts and other hotel and technology news and trends.

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Read the latest updated Information of Restaurant POS, Club , Coffee, Pub & Bar, Quick Service, Food Court POS and other restaurant and technology news and trends

How a Smart Banquet Management Software Increases Catering Business?

by admin

Banquets are an essential part of the F&B industry that offering of profitable options for businesses. All events like parties, functions, weddings, reception, and business meetings are part of the Banquets. Hotels especially have several banquets with small, medium and large depending on the clientele they serve. The right location can attract a lot of residential and commercial clients to your establishment. Open laws and gardens often become the centre for organizing large parties &.....

Importance of Online Reviews for the Hospitality Industry in this Digital Age

by Vinay Goswami

Modern devices and their effectiveness have remarkably changed the perspective of today's population. It is hard to imagine youngsters without any modern gadgets these days. They do everything by searching online, getting information, reading reviews and then taking the decisions thereafter......

Hospitality Market Trends you Can't Miss in 2019

by admin

With new millennia moving forward into the next generation, the Hospitality industry is undergoing a huge transformation. Modern electronics and their usage are having a profound effect on the Guest experience. The rise of Eco-friendly products and connectivity in Global tourism are showing some.....

Why Hotels and Restaurants Need Revenue Management Software

by Vinay Goswami

Effective revenue management is the most important aspect of running a hotel or a restaurant business. Having automated revenue management software is no more a luxury but has become the need of the hour. Hotels and restaurants are constantly increasing with an accelerated pace, this is a reason.....

How PMS is used for Building Effective Marketing Strategies?

by admin

Property Management System (PMS) has now become a significant part of the Hospitality industry. It eases numerous organisation process and automates them to make them proficient. All guest booking and their contact information are available in the backend. These data are often analysed on various.....

What is Night Auditing and How PMS helps in night auditing procedures?

by Vinay Goswami

A Hotel remains open round the clock for business activities with guest checking-in and checking-out at any time. Similarly, financial transactions are carried throughout the day and night with restaurant bills, laundry charges or any POS bills either paid right away or added to the guest profiles.....

Difference between a Hotel PMS, Channel Manager, OTAs and Booking Engine

by admin

With new research and innovations driving this digital age, efficient use of modern technology offers a lot of prospects for Hotels to improve their daily operations and enhance profitability. Each technology has its features and automates the information for better performance. With this blog, we.....