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Cloud PMS Software

A Cutting Edge Cloud PMS Software for hospitality and hotel industry to manage your all property system. Know more about the featured cloud PMS system.

Hotelline Property Management System (PMS) Software

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Our innovation with Property Management System (PMS) pioneers a revolution in hospitality industry. In a challenging and competitive market, our solution exceptionally helps hotel properties in increasing revenues extensively. 

The design, its friendly interface, and an easy integration with your hotel website make Hotelline PMS a modern day example of efficient assistance in running of a business's operations. 

The PMS is capable of carrying out the every day reservation process for hotel business with the least effort from staff. It offers an easy access and allows you to interact with modern and easy to understand GUI. The interface displays the real time availability to your customers. 

Its centralized integrated reservation registers guest profiles, rates and other important elements for the ease of the customers. It helps you in boosting your revenue by connecting you with different and various booking engines with strong visibility among online customers.

  • Online Booking & Reservation
  • Front Desk Management
  • Booking Engines
  • Housekeeping

Revenue Management System Software

Hotelline’s Property Management System offers you the best revenue management tool that helps you manage and control competitive rates without compromising your profits rather it increases your profits. Our advance accounting system is designed to take every detail required by any accounting tool to provide you with the right kind of features and calculations to make finance easy. 

You can generate your finance report with just a click of the mouse that will help you with strategic planning of your business to increase your revenue and profits.

  • Ease of Use
  • Flexible
  • Accuracy and Forecasting
  • Integration
  • Algorithm Facets

hotelline revenue software system image

Cloud Based and Easy to Use PMS System

Our PMS system is based on cloud which makes it safe, economical and responsive. The Hotelline PMS is highly efficient in its design, interface and the easy to use features make handling of day-to-day activities uninterrupted.

We understand how important it is for a hotel to offer uninterrupted services to their guests. The PMS allows you to have a real time update about each and everything happening on your property which helps in better services with least efforts.

What you are waiting for? Try our latest and advance PMS system to have a better flow of activities and keep an eye on the work flow from anywhere and everywhere.

  • Mobile optimized
  • Affordable
  • All Property Types
  • Excellent Result
  • Booking Engine
  • Global Distribution

Management of In-House Operations in Real Time

Hotelline PMS is designed to excel. It offers you more than you have experienced with your old PMS. The core aim of our cloud based solution is to provide you with excellent results from its usage. 

Our unmatchable specifications and features are among the best in the industry. We have designed it with great detailing to give you an experience you never had before.

The PMS is conceived taking every little detail into consideration – daily activities, accounting needs, front desk assessments, analysis of housekeeping requirements, and therefore we are sure its technology geniuses with modern day needs of hospitality. 

The software speeds up the housekeeping services with real time notifications, and provides better payroll and maintenance solution.

Optional OTA and GDS Integration

Our PMS is competitive and understands the challenges of hospitality industry. PMS offers easy integration with Global Distribution System (GDS) from within the system. You can customize it as your preferences to reach out to various Online Travel Agents (OTAs).

Reserved Allocation

Hotelline PMS offers you a great deal of control over rates and vacancies. It allows you to diversify your offerings by creating blocks of rooms with specific rates for affiliated tour packages, special events and group bookings. You can schedule release dates of inventories, which will automatically return to availability when allocation remains unused.

Centralized Administration Module (CAM)

Centralized Administration Module (CAM) is a Property Management System module which takes into account the scalability elements for existing customers who want to manage new property from a centralized location. CAM provides you with the real-time data access, faster and more efficient back-office management and administration for an accurate result. The CAM system enhances the speed, quality and communication experience for customers in overall business operation. To know and experience its advance system and technological efficiency, you can sign up for Hotelline’s PMS for a period of 30 days on a trial basis to experience future of hotel/property management. 

For clarifications and queries related to PMS product, you can live chat with Hotelline professionals or walk through corporate office for a presentation. We provide free-of-cost training sessions to take you through different facets of usage and feature of PMS.

property management system is software used with computerized system to manage hospitality industries business operations. It is also called PMS which is abbreviation of property management system. Property management system automates operations in hospitality places like hotel, resort, guesthouse, restaurant, café etc. and can handle major operation like.

Property management system help to enhance the service qualities, increase efficiency of management, and grow profitability of hospitality business.

Since two decade Property management system is in function and lot of changes is been faced over this period due two changes in technology.

Window based PMS (offline): this is first technology in which property management system was introduced in hospitality industry and still is been used widely in the market. All components of PMS are installed at the site. High configuration of hardware needed as well as maintenance by IT expert is required. It is available in market at one time purchase and maintenance is also provided by PMS vendor for certain cost.

Cloud based PMS (online): Immerging of internet and growing online business in hospitality bring this technology into action where business and customer both deal at internet. Here your business is known to the market and presentation is higher to customers. PMS is provided as a service and data and operation are executed over cloud server. Low maintenance needed relatively cheaper in price, it is available at monthly or annual subscription.

Hybrid PMS (online-offline): It is mixture of both above and can be operated online and offline both mode. Relatively expensive and high maintenance is required.

Hotel manager manages the operation of hotel, deciding staff and their responsibilities. There may be various managers for different department and responsibilities and these are also responsible to keep intact the guest satisfaction, standard of hotel, marketing, revenue management, business development and others.

So, managers are the employee who is most interacted with property management system and get power to their management skills.

Hotelline is lead provider of innovative and revolutionary property management system (PMS) from many years. We would be very happy to know that you want to have a property management system for your property. Please fill up your detail at below given link. We shall provide you demo and help you to setup property management system at your property.

We have written e-book “A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing & Adopting PMS for your Hotel” which guide you through choosing right PMS for your property, this e-book is completely free and link of download page is given below.